International relations are becoming increasingly more complex due to globalization. This dynamic potentially also bears the root for numerous positive developments but also of conflicts around the globe and in our region. The study of geopolitics is helpful to better understand the issues that impact development, peace and security in this part of the world. Employing geopolitical and geo-economic methods of analysis to decipher some of the complexities of international relations, could have a favorable impact on policy formulation and decision-making, leading to prosperity and hopefully to a more peaceful world in our Caribbean and Latin American region.


It is against this background that the Latin American and Caribbean institute of geopolitical studies (LACIGS) was established, with the aim to actively stimulate education and research of geopolitics and the geo-economics of Latin-America and the Caribbean region.


LACIGS is an independent and non-profit Curaçao-based organization.


The Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Geopolitical Studies


Why Curaçao?

Curaçao, sitting on the crossroads between the Latin American, North American, Caribbean and European world, will be uniquely qualified to teach and train in the methods of geopolitical and geo-economic analysis. Furthermore, the island is located in one of the most complex geographical, political, economic, cultural, linguistic and strategic areas of the world and can therefore potentially contribute to peace and international understanding in the region .

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