Vision, Mission & values


LACIGS’ vision is to be an internationally recognized academic institute for education, training and research in the field of geopolitics and geo-economics of Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Consequently, its mission is to contribute actively to a higher level of awareness and understanding of contemporary international relations through research, education and training with regard to geopolitics and geo-economics in general and their interpretation in Latin America and the Caribbean in particular.


Being a result-oriented organization, LACIGS strives to guarantee its optimal functioning at all times, by observing the following core values: political-independence, integrity, professionalism and pro-activity.


LACIGS offers

Post-academic education in geopolitics and geo-economics of Latin America and the Caribbean through courses, lectures, seminars and conferences. 


Training in geopolitical methods of analysis (country risk analysis)

Research in geopolitics of the region with specific attention for the northern part of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Special academic and research module of the historic and contemporary position of Curaçao, in relation to Venezuela, the Netherlands and the Caribbean region. Courses and upcoming events 


Leading Latin American and Caribbean experts working together with there

international counterparts


Cooperation with local and international universities and similar institutes. 

Our Partners