Russia calls for dialogue in Venezuela and no external interference

Russia today called for dialogue to be imposed on the confrontation in Venezuela and considered that no external force should "add fuel to the fire," commenting on the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to assume yesterday the powers of the Legislature.


"It is very important that the logic of dialogue be imposed on the logic of confrontation. External forces should not add fuel to the internal conflict in Venezuela with their declarations and actions," said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zajárova. "We are convinced of the principle of non-interference in internal affairs" from other countries, he insisted, in a statement posted on the Ministry's website. According to Zajárova, Russia "is analyzing carefully the legal aspects and the consequences of the decisions taken to transfer the legislative functions to the Supreme Court," he said.


The spokeswoman stressed that Russia's position is based on the principle that "any decision of the organs of power, of the political and social forces, must be based on the Constitution of the country." "Considering that, it is necessary to take measures to unblock the activity of all legitimate power organs, including the adaptation of their steps, including those that led to the current crisis, according to the current legislation," he added.


He also called for an "internal, comprehensive and constructive political dialogue to avoid an escalation of confrontation" and for resuming the mediation missions of "international politicians with authority as well as regional blocs like Unasur."


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