LACIGS visits Mr. William Millerson, President of the Parliament of Curaçao

Official visit to Mr. William Millerson, President of the Parliament of Curaçao 




F.l.t.r. Mr.Ralph Antonio (Head Constitutional Process), Dr. Humphrey Senior (Program Director, LACIGS), Mr. William Millerson (President of Parliament), Dr. Zaida-Elshot-Lake (Database Manager, LACIGS), Mr. Wiebe Smit (Assistant Program Coordinator, LACIGS)


September 6th, 2017
Parliament of Curacao

In anticipation of the 2017 Winter Course, which will be organized in Curacao from November 6-10, a delegation of the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Geopolitical Studies (LACIGS) visited the President of Parliament of Curacao, mister William Millerson. The meeting was initiated in order to familiarize the President of Parliament with the relevance, objectives and planning of the course.   
During the meeting, Dr. H. Senior, Program Director of LACIGS, introduced the course to the President and explained its relevance for the Parliament. After the introduction of the course, mister Senior elaborated on historical geopolitical events and current developments which have had, and continues to have great impacts on the country. Finally, the nominated speakers for the course were briefly introduced by mister Senior in order to elaborate on their varying backgrounds and fields of expertise.      

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