Online library Winter Course 2017

J. Agnew - Geopolitics in an Era of Globalization (2015) Read more


R.S. Espinoza - Brazil's Geopolitical Lever in the Shaping of the South American Regional and Global Politics (2016) Read more


(Book) A. Grivach, A. Campos, A. Silva, C. Fernandes, F. Tomassoni, F. Moreira, J. Ribeir, L. Simao, M. Freire & T. Rodrigues - Geopolitics of Energy and Energy Security (2017) Read more


R. Jenkins & E. Peters - The Impact of China on Latin America and the Caribbean (2006) Read more


D. Nolte - The Dragon in the Backyard US Visions of China's Relations towards Latin America (2013) Read more


D. Nolte & B. Hoffmann - Latin America's New Geopolitical Position and Its Implications for Europe (2007) Read more


D. Nolte & L. E. Wehner - Geopolitics in Latin America, Old and New (2015) Read more


M. O'Sullivan, I. Overland & D. Sandalow - Geopolitics of Renewable Energy (2017) Read more


C. Pascual - The New Geopolitics of Energy (2015) Read more


C. Pascual & E. Zambetakis - The Geopolitics of Energy: From Security to Survival (2010) Read more


R. Palacios - The Historical Dimensions of the Geopolitics of Curacao (2016) Read more


R. Palacios - Welcome Speech of the 2017 International Winter Course Read more 


T. Picone - The Geopolitics of China's Rise in Latin America (2016) Read more


C. Ripley - Venezuela, Violence and the New York Times: Failing When it Comes to Selective Indignation (2017) Read more


D. Scholten & R. Bosman - The Geopolitics of Renewable Energy: a Mere Shift or Landslide in Energy Dependencies (2013) Read more

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