LACIGS visits the Governor of Curacao, Her Excellency Lucille George-Wout





Press release



In preparation of the 2017 International Winter Course, a delegation of the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Geopolitical Studies (LACIGS) visited the Governor of Curaçao, Her Excellency Mrs. George-Wout, on October 5th.
During the visit, retired Ambassador Roberto Palacios (president of LACIGS) and Drs. Humphrey G. Senior (Program Director) took the opportunity to discuss with the Governor about current geopolitical issues on a global- and national level. Thereby, both parties stressed the importance of understanding geopolitical developments for policy formation.


On the picture: 

Wim Statius Muller (Vice-President of LACIGS), Her Excellency Lucille George-Wout, retired-Ambassador Roberto Palacios (President of LACIGS), Drs. Humphrey Senior (Program Director) and  Wiebe Smit (Assistant Program Coordinator) 



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