November 12 - 16, Curaçao


For better understanding of the factors impacting international relations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Taught by leading experts, this year’s Wintercourse is an introductory seminar with lectures and intensive workshops in geopolitical schools of thought, methods of analysis, geoeconomics and economic intelligence, combined with a current geopolitical analysis of the subcontinent and region. 



To introduce the main concepts of geopolitics, geo-economics and economic intelligence from a multidisciplinary perspective, and to lay the basics for the geopolitical method of analysis. In addition we aim to bring theory and practice together in an in-depth, state of the art geopolitical update of Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Target group

Workers of international organizations and international operating companies, Government employees, diplomats and University students.


Other interested persons

Workers in the economic sectors, and other people interested in international relations and geopolitics of Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Teaching language: English & Spanish (translation on request)


Registration is open!

USD 50.00 discount for early birds.
Early registries receives untill August 3, 2018 a USD 50.00 discount on the registration fee.


Course fees*:


Corporate participants: US$ 800 

Non-corporate and local participants: US$ 400 

Students**: US$ 250 

* It is possible to sign up for only half of the program or only particular presentations as well. The evening sessions are open for public and can be attended for NAFL. 25.- per session. Applying for the public evening sessions or particular day-sessions can be completed by sending an e-mail with your name and the session(s) you are interested in, to 


**Contact LACIGS for the limited availability of full sponsorship (Made possible through sponsering by corporations for foreign and local students). Accommodation on the campus of the University of Curacao can be arranged by LACIGS!


Fee has to be paid after registration confirmation.

Registration should be completed as soon as possible due to the limited number of places available.


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Hotel arrangements available at two first class hotels in Willemstad.

Special rates available for all participants.


Ground transportation

Shuttle bus transportation between the hotel and the Universities (University of Curacao and Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean). 



Confirmed speakers

Prof. Dr. Jaime Preciado Coronado
Professor in Latin American Studies and specialized in Political Geography

Prof. Dr. David Criekemans
Professor of International Relations and specialized in Geopolitics]

Prof. Dr. Gyula Csurgai
Director of the Geneva Institute of Geopolitical Studies GIGS]

Dr. Kai-Ann D. Skeete
Trade Research Fellow at Shridah Ramphal Center for International Trade, Law, Policy and Services, UWI Cavehill Campus




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